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Each furniture design has a story; they remain silent, yet they define you. They form an integral part of your tradition. And that’s something you can deeply cherish. Here, at Heritage art and architecture, we preserve all values associated with furniture designing, in the most authentic way. With a rich heritage of over 30 years and an experienced back-end team of carpenters - wood engineers, as we call them, we carve out stories in pure wood. Traditional, classic or contemporary, we chisel it all, with impeccable attention to detail.

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Step in to the spledour of the land of artisans. Here’s the exceptionally carved Chettiand era that’s intricately curated for you to unwind. Doors with intrigue wooden detailing that leads to a large room, graced with well-layed wooden floor, surrounded by carefully selected and well-restored artifacts. Ceiling made of the world’s finest teakwood locking and the wooden-framed mirrors on a large antique wardrobe reflect clear Chettinad influences. The bathroom’s Marrakesh design motif, including sophisticated granite floors and walls and a walk-in shower tub offers a warm atmosphere for a royal bath.

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Traditional Malabar masonry is best exemplified in this room. The legendary ‘Manichithrathazhu’ - the ornate lock, is featured on the solid teakwood door. Unlock the doors to touch and feel the brilliance of fine craftsmanship which once stood proudly in a mansion in Malabar. The large and airy room with high ceiling, wooden floor, big comfy bed and fabrics add lush to the characterful room that’s bedecked with tradition. The granite clad bathroom is equipped with the most modern units and luxury brand toiletries.

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Teakwood Chair

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Benefits Of Wood in Interior Design (solid wood like Kerala Teak, Rosewood, Mahagony)

If you have observed the traditional Indian interior decor, you would often realize that it heavily relies on wood. Not just any wood but elegant wood choices like Teak, Rosewood, mahogany. Most of the people do not understand the significance of these wood options. You need to understand that more than the visual appearance, there are quite a few other benefits of these wood options as well.

Traditional Indian Interior Design

Each and every interior decor style is in different formats as well as different colors which they excessively use. Today we would speak about the Indian style of interior decor. When you look at the focal points of interior designing in the Indian style you would find that there are a few unique and distinct points in Indian interior decor. We would today share with you some of these distinct points.

Decorate your house in a traditional South Indian style

In India, you would find plenty of diverse cultures as well as heritage according to which, you can decorate your home. One of the most popular Indian decor styles is the South Indian art and architecture. There are plenty of interior designing companies in Kerala as well as Kochi like Heritage Art & architecture who specializes in South Indian interior décor.