About Us

Those with a delightful taste for home decor wouldn’t want to miss Heritage art and achritecture. Situated alongside the national highway enroute to allepey backwaters, it’s a world within itself. Give into our lustrous spread of furniture collection that’s both inspired from the past, and so much in line with comtemporary. We understand that home decor isn’t all about spenting on deceiving designs. It’s more about creating a difference and adding value, with your insights acquired through experiences.


In this era, where architecture is more inclined towards being contemporary, there is a growing demand for traditional interiors as well. Tradition is something that we all are born with, and to be surrounded by it, makes us feels so much more at home. We focus on giving you what best suits your taste, be it Traditional, classic or contemporary we do it all with impeccable attention to details.

Established in 1989, we carry a legacy that we proudly unfold in front of you. Here tradition blends with creation, art blends with heritage, and finally a whole new story is carved out in pure wood exclusively for you. Upholding all values and aspects of furniture designing, heritage arts and architecture has been delivering beautiful home interios for over 30 years.