About Us

About Us

Heritage Interiors: Designed to be Original

We are a team passionate about authentic and original art and ideas. Our principles, ideas, products are rooted in age old patterns and time tested traditions. We understand that it plays a far more vital role in life than we realize. You would know it know it too, if you paused and paid attention to your surroundings.
It is for this precise reason that our interior designers and their creations are hallmarked pieces of beauty and art. We endeavor to create furniture and design interiors— everything from living room, dining and kitchen area, bedroom or even commercial space designs, that are resounding examples of traditional art and architecture.
Most of all, we understand that home decor isn’t all about spending on complicated and deceiving interior designs. It’s more about creating a difference and adding value, with your insights acquired through experiences.
We, at Heritage Interiors, work diligently on personifying art and architecture that has been passed on from generations to generations for you to enjoy today and for the next generation to enjoy. We preserve and preach the values, symmetry and beauty in them through our products and designs.Upholding all values and aspects of furniture designing, heritage arts and architecture has been delivering beautiful home interiors since our humble beginnings in 1989,It’s a promised delivered many times over and will continue to fulfil the promise with zeal…


If you have a dream home waiting to take form, we dream alongside you to make it happen.
We are not just a shop selling furniture. We love to be a part of your home from its conception, to designing, to building, to finishing, decorating and finally breathing life into it.
Those with a delightful taste for home decor wouldn’t want to miss the offers and products at Heritage Interiors. We’ll help you pick out the most exquisite piece of furniture from our collection of Wood furniture, Antique Furniture and many other décor items.
And we assure you that you will find more than enough choices to select from, both from our showroom and website.
Our showroom, based in Cochin, situated alongside the national highway enroute to Alleppey, is a world within itself.
We welcome you give into our lustrous spread of furniture collection that’s both inspired from the past, and so much in line with contemporary. We bring to you the best of both worlds.
Come, explore the intricate art and designs, immense possibilities of interiors and designs, feel the texture, strength, beauty carved in wood and walk home a proud ambassador of tradition, beauty and art.